King Charles waves to royal fans as well-wishers cheer for the monarch (2024)

King Charles III has been spotted waving to royal fans as he leftClarence House in Londontoday.

The monarch was pictured greeting well-wishers outside the royal residence as he was driven out in his state Bentley limousine.

It is not known where His Majesty, who wore a grey suit and blue tie, was going at the time and he was not accompanied by the Queen.

The King is currently being treated for an undisclosed form ofcancer after being diagnosed with a large prostate earlier this year.

It comes as the Charles yesterday greeted the governor of the Bank of England for a historic meeting where he was presented with the first banknotes bearing his portrait.

King Charles III has been seen waving to royal fans as the left Clarence House in London today

The monarch was pictured greeting well-wishers outside the royal residence as he was driven out in his state Bentley limousine

The King praised the notes as 'very well designed' and expressed his surprise at being only the second monarch to feature.

He received a leather-bound booklet containing the historic legal tender fromAndrew Bailey at Buckingham Palace.

It was a milestone moment for the monarch, who is undergoing treatment for an undisclosed cancer.

'Good morning Governor. I'm sorry it's a bit delayed this. I hope it isn't too delayed,' Charles said.

But Mr Bailey replied: 'Not at all. We're still in advance of launching them.'

Charles remarked: 'Oh you are? Great.'

King Charles III (left) is presented with the first bank notes featuring his portrait from the Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey at Buckingham Palace

The King and Mr Bailey were joined by Sarah John (right), the Bank of England's Chief Cashier, whose signature appears on the currency

Charles and Mr Bailey were joined by Sarah John, the Bank of England's Chief Cashier, whose signature appears on the currency, and the King gave a broad grin as he greeted his guests in the 1844 Room.

Ms John told the King they were the number 1 notes in the series and that the general public would start to see them early in June.

The King replied: 'I wondered how it would come out.'

Charles inspected the four £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes - the first low-numbered note of each denomination with 01 000001 serial numbers - and pointed and smiled at the details as Mr Bailey turned the pages, showing the front and back.

King Charles is only the second British monarch to grace the Bank of England's notes - and it is the first time one sovereign's image has been replaced with another.

Although notes began to be issued from the late 17th century, Charles's mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was the first British sovereign to be given the honour in 1960 on a £1 paper note. Before this, Britannia was the only character to have appeared.

A view of the £5 and £10 bank notes bearing a portrait of King Charles III, which will enter circulation on June 5

The other side of the £5 and £10 bank notes can be seen on the left, while the £20 and £50 notes bearing the King's face can be seen on the right

Mr Bailey said as he prepared to hand over the book: 'We have come to present you with your bank notes.'

It prompted Charles, who was stood with his hands behind his back, to chuckle and remark: 'Oh right.'

Mr Bailey told him: 'This is quite a big moment because we've never changed the sovereign on the bank notes because the Queen was the first sovereign to be on the bank notes.'

Charles replied: 'This is what is so surprising. You would think that it goes back.'

The King inspected the notes and praised the intricate features incorporated to prevent counterfeits, saying: 'A lot trouble taken in on the security side.'

'They're very well designed I must say,' he added.

The meeting between the Governor of the Bank of England and King Charles took place this morning

King Charles III reacts to the first bank notes featuring his portrait as Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey shows him the leather-bound booklet

The money will be issued gradually into circulation from June 5 - with Charles's portrait featuring on the front of the banknotes, as well as in cameo in the see-through security window, visible on the front and back.

The reverse side characters remain unchanged from previous editions - with Sir Winston Churchill on the £5, Jane Austen on the £10, JMW Turner on the £20 and Alan Turing on the £50.

Charles expressed his admiration of the artistry, saying of the £5: 'It's a very good photograph of Sir Winston.'

And he took a particular liking to the back of the £20 and the £50.

'They're very elegant these ones, I must say,' he said.

Existing notes featuring the portrait of the late Queen will continue to be legal tender, so the Elizabeth II and King Charles III notes will co-circulate.

New notes will only be printed to replace worn-out ones and to meet any overall increase in demand in order to minimise the environmental and financial impact of the change - in keeping with the Royal Household's request.

King Charles waves to royal fans as well-wishers cheer for the monarch (2024)


When was King Charles made Prince of Wales? ›

Charles was created Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester on 26 July 1958, though his investiture was not held until 1 July 1969, when he was crowned by his mother in a televised ceremony held at Caernarfon Castle; the investiture was controversial in Wales owing to growing Welsh nationalist sentiment.

When did Prince Charles become king? ›

King Charles III, formerly known as The Prince of Wales, became King on the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September 2022.

What happens if William doesn't want to be King? ›

Prince William will be king in the next 20–30 years at most. There's no title of “Crown Prince” in the British Monarchy. If Prince William didn't want to ascend the throne, he would have to abdicate after he succeeded. There's no mechanism for an Heir Apparent to refuse to ascend.

Is Harry still a prince? ›

Angry about media intrusion, they were frustrated that Buckingham Palace stopped them developing their "SussexRoyal" brand. Harry remains a prince and is fifth in line to the throne. The couple kept their Duke and duch*ess of Sussex titles, but are no longer addressed as his or her royal highness (HRH).

What is Prince Harry's real name? ›

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex KCVO (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), is a member of the British royal family. As the younger son of King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales, he is fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

What happens if King Charles passes away? ›

Prince William would then become the King and he would need to address the nation.

How old was Diana when she married Prince Charles? ›

Diana became Princess of Wales aged 20 when she married Charles, then 32, on 29 July 1981. The wedding was held at St Paul's Cathedral, which offered more seating than Westminster Abbey, a church that was generally used for royal weddings.

Did King Charles make William Prince of Wales? ›

On 9 September, Charles announced the creation of William as Prince of Wales, the traditional title for the male heir apparent to the British monarch. William has since been known as "His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales", except in Scotland, where he is called "His Royal Highness the Duke of Rothesay" instead.

When did Charles stop being Prince of Wales? ›

The current sovereign Charles III was the longest serving Prince of Wales for 64 years and 44 days between 1958 and 2022, and the oldest person to hold the position. He was also heir apparent for longer than any other in British history.

Why was there no Prince of Wales before Charles? ›

Prince Charles' predecessor as Prince of Wales was Prince Edward, later King Edward VIII. When Edward VIII ascended the throne, his Prince of Wales title merged with the crown and was left vacant. Prince Edward was the elder brother of the future King George VI, the father of the now Queen.

Who were Prince of Wales before Charles? ›

Before Prince Charles, the last Prince of Wales was Prince Edward, son of King George V and Queen Mary, who was invested in 1911. In 1936, he acceded the throne and became King Edward VIII. Edward, Prince of Wales in 1911.


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