8 Online Options for Pilates Workouts at Home (2024)

Many people create New Year's resolutions to work out more and get into better shape. But it can be such a hassle to go to a brick and mortar gym that some folks bail on their resolutions before really getting started. Luckily, there are online apps and programs designed to save you time, effort, and money so that you stick to your goals well past the first week of January.

Pilates is one workout style that can be done in the comfort of your own home. It combines mindfulness and muscle conditioning, which is great for improving balance, flexibility, core strength, coordination, and endurance.

Whether you're a total beginner at Pilates or you're looking for a more advanced workout, there's a Pilates app or online program to suit your fitness goals — even if you have just 30 minutes or less each day to get your sweat on. Use this guide to determine which at-home Pilates workout is best for you. (

The Best Pilates Reformers for At-Home Workouts

The 8 Best At-Home Pilates Workout Options for 2022

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Best Overall Pilates Workout: Apple Fitness+ Pilates Workouts

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When it comes to an all-encompassing workout plan, Apple Fitness+ has a plethora of features for users to try. The membership includes video and audio workouts (new ones are added weekly) across 11 different exercise types as well as group classes led by engaging trainers. Powered by Apple Watch, you can connect the program to iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs. The subscription comes with access to a variety of workouts like Pilates, yoga, treadmill, core, cycling, and more (including a guided walking session narrated by Dolly Parton).

Most Pilates courses only require a mat for your workout, though you can find some with resistance bands. The classes range from 10 to 30 minutes and are meant to be as convenient as possible for the user. The best part: If you're curious about what Apple Fitness+ has to offer but don't want to commit, you can sign up for a month-long free trial.

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Best Value Pilates Workout: OpenFit's XB Pilates

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Working out doesn't need to break the bank. Membership to Openfit costs $8 a month (or $96 annually) and comes with a 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you're signed up, you'll have access to live workout classes led by engaging instructors, on-demand programs like yoga and fitness training (taught by Hollywood stuntwomen), personalized daily meal plans that track nutrition, and more.

Openfit's on-demand XB Pilates program includes 21 days of body sculpting workouts that last 30 minutes or less. The class is high-energy and low-impact, featuring a variety of forms and exercises to keep things interesting. Your abs and booty will be toned in no time.

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Best Beginner Pilates Workout: Gaia's Pilates & Fitness Videos

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If you're new to Pilates, the classes offered on Gaia's website are a great entry point. When you sign up for a subscription, you'll have access to hundreds of videos that span a variety of difficulty levels. Craving a high-energy workout? Try cardio Pilates. If a relaxed approach is more your speed, you can't go wrong with an introduction course to the exercise form. There are dozens of beginner classes, so you won't run out of options any time soon.

In addition to fitness routines, you may be surprised to find documentaries on ancient civilizations and a series about deep space when exploring Gaia's website. Pilates classes are just one small part of Gaia's goal to bring consciousness-expanding content to the masses. If you're interested in the full range of media offered, there are three subscription plans to choose from. The monthly and annual plans each include a seven-day free trial.

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Best Advanced Pilates Workout: YogaDownload's Pilates Classes

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Despite its name, YogaDownload doesn't just offer yoga classes. You'll also find Pilates classes led by incredible instructors. The Pilates Fit class, for example, is a 45-minute intermediate level workout that focuses on strengthening and toning the hips, back, and core. Not challenging enough? Try the next level up, Pilates Fit II — an advanced 65-minute full-body workout that will leave your abs burning.

Subscribers can try killer abs workouts, core workouts, yoga-Pilates fusion workouts, and more. Each video on YogaDownload is labeled with a difficulty level, intensity rating, and the equipment (if any) needed for the class. There are also numerous filters you can utilize — like sorting classes by length or style — to more easily find the type of workout you want. YogaDownload sells classes individually, allowing you to simply add them to your cart before your workout. However, if you subscribe to YogaDownload for $10 a month, you'll get access to all of the service's fitness content. It's available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV for easy viewing.

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Best Quick Pilates Workout: Alo Moves's Pilates Form

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Another reason people drop their workout resolutions is that they simply don't have time for a full-length class. Exercising at home cuts out travel and there are plenty of classes that last a half-hour or less. Alo Moves's Pilates Form series consists of six videos that average 30 minutes each, so you can easily fit in a workout before school drop off or after dinner.

The series focuses on building up core strength and muscle tone to give you a confidence boost. It even aims to help you improve your posture, increase your coordination, build flexibility, and add to your overall endurance. Alo Moves offers a free two-week trial that provides full access to all of its workout content. Some examples include the intermediate level Barre Collection, the vinyasa-focused Flow Into Strength series, and various guided meditation practices. Membership to Alo Moves comes with features like daily workout recommendations, new weekly videos, and an archive of more than 2,500 videos to stream and download.

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Best On-the-Go Pilates Workout: Aaptiv's Pilates Classes

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While some of these Pilates programs require TVs or special watches to access them, Aaptiv's mobile app only requires your phone. You can literally take these Pilates classes anywhere — no need for a mat, band, ball, or other piece of equipment. The workouts use your own body weight in the exercise. If you're constantly traveling or moving around, Aaptiv is a great on-the-go option.

Each class is 40 minutes or less and led by a certified Pilates instructor. Do you prefer classic Pilates or a more contemporary twist? Aaptiv has both. Beginners and seasoned pros alike will find classes that fit their skill level. If you need a break from one specific workout style, the program also has guided selections for running, yoga, weight lifting, meditation, cardio machines, and more. Featuring both audio and video options, Aaptiv offers new users a seven-day free trial. After that, you can choose between the monthly ($15/month) or annual ($100/year) subscriptions.

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Best Mirror Workout: Forme Pilates Classes

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Time to put a technological twist on working out. Forme is a full-length smart mirror that is jam-packed with fitness features. It can transform your living space into a spectacular home gym complete with professional trainers, real-time heart rate monitors, custom fitness plans, and a variety of classes. Chat with a fitness concierge to get weekly exercise tips and to plan your workouts ahead of time from the comfort of your own home. The company is even introducing live one-on-one training sessions later this year.

Forme's Pilates classes, like all the other offerings on this list, are led by world-class instructors who are experts in their field. On average, classes last between 20 and 30 minutes. They're also broken down by difficulty level, so beginners won't feel overwhelmed and Pilates pros will still be challenged. If you're uncertain about the commitment of a smart home gym, Forme offers a virtual demo with a live guide to answer any questions you might have. There are additional add-ons you can purchase, but all Forme mirrors come with a complimentary yoga mat, heart rate monitor, microfiber cleaning towel, camera cover, and mounting hardware. After the mirror is installed, membership costs $39 a month.

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Largest Variety of Pilates Workouts: Obé Fitness Pilates Classes

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If you're committed to exercising regularly, you'll need a lot of content so workouts don't get mind-numbingly repetitive. Obé Fitness has more than 7,500 workout videos across a range of exercise styles, intensity levels, and time commitments. In terms of Pilates, there are more than 400 videos to choose from. Need a super quick workout? Try a lower body Pilates class that's only 12 minutes long. Maybe you need some motivational tunes to get you going. Obé Fitness has just the thing — Pilates classes with hip hop music.

The program has a variety of ways to exercise, including live classes, archival workout videos, and training programs. There are three membership levels, each with its own perks. The basic monthly plan, which costs $19 a month, gives you access to daily live classes, more than 7,000 on-demand workouts, and various training programs. One level up from that is the quarterly plan ($65 every three months), which adds on special discounts, access to premium classes, and a $10 gift card to the Obé shop. Lastly, the annual plan costs $199 a year and comes with everything included in the quarterly plan, except you'll get a $20 gift card to the Obé shop. You'll also save $61 by signing up for a full year. You can opt for a free trial before committing to any of the subscriptions.

Do You Have the Right Pilates Equipment?

For the most part, Pilates doesn't require a lot of equipment to be effective. That said, there are a few pieces that may make good additions to your home gym. Yoga mats are a must to cushion hard floors or prevent carpet burns. This travel yoga mat from Amazon is machine washable, can fold into a small carrying case, and comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Some popular Pilates exercises might require a resistance band. This pack of four has over 8,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and costs less than $20. Foam rollers can help ease sore muscles after a good workout, and if you want to avoid overheating, a cooling towel may make a big difference. It's also important to keep a water bottle nearby so that you stay hydrated. Add some flavor to your water with this 24-ounce fruit-infusing bottle.

8 Online Options for Pilates Workouts at Home (2024)


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